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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ReTraxx?

We provide sales and tax information, comparable sales, and distressed data for every property in our coverage areas. This allows you unprecedented access to critical information. Access to timely information is vital to your success in identifying, evaluating, and acquiring properties.

Does ReTraxx work in my market?

ReTraxx will work in any market in the United States and Canada. We only collect data in markets where we have clients. If we don't have data in your market, we will collect that information and add it to ReTraxx.

What makes ReTraxx different from other programs?

ReTraxx combines coverage for 100% of the properties in your market and distressed data to help you pinpoint owners of properties who are likely to sell quickly and below market. It's an aggressive approach to real estate investing.

We combine that with tools that you can place in the hands of people driving neighborhoods... your bird dogs. By giving your bird dogs access to a mobile app, you make it easy for them to report distressed properties back to you.

You can have unlimited users of the desktop and mobile apps. There are no "per-user" fees.

Can't I just look up the information myself? Isn't it public record?

Yes. All of the information we provide is ultimately derived from public records. The main advantages of using ReTraxx are speed and precise targeting. You can be a small fish in a big pond (waiting for phone calls and bidding on MLS deals) or you can be a big fish in a small pond (ReTraxx). If it's true that "time is money", then the choice is obvious.

Won't everyone be looking at the same properties?

We limit access to ReTraxx to 5 investors in any market. This ensures that there are plenty of good opportunities for everyone while sharing the costs among a small group. If you want exclusive access to your market (and we aren't already licensing to investors there), just contact us and we'll work out an exclusive license. We are now offering exclusivity in most markets!

How much does ReTraxx cost?

Please see our pricing page for complete details.

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ReTraxx provides Strategic Partners with local property information and distressed data.

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