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Welcome to ReTraxxPro

What is ReTraxxPro?

We provide sales and tax information, comparable sales, and distressed data for every property in our coverage areas. This allows you, the real estate investor, unprecedented access to critical information.

We believe that investors are vital to our real estate industry and that access to timely information is crucial to your success in identifying, evaluating, and acquiring properties.

Our Strategic Partners can now find information on 100% of the properties in their market instead of competing for the 2% of properties that are listed through MLS.

Gary Browning
World Class Realty
Norfolk, VA
"I highly recommend ReTraxxPro for those serious investors who really want to make money. My firm has used ReTraxxPro every day for 5 years. It's the fastest and most accurate real estate software on the planet. We tried them all first. Never going back. ReTraxxPro is the real deal. We find at least one buying opportunity every day with ReTraxxPro."

Why Do You Need ReTraxx?

Market Domination

If you want to stay ahead of the competition and truly dominate your market, you need a system. That system needs to put hundreds of thousands of properties at your fingertips in a way that allows you to prioritize the best properties. That system is ReTraxx.

Big Data

ReTraxxPro brings "big data" to the local investor. Information is power... and it no longer belongs only to the large corporate investors. You can incorporate the power of ReTraxxPro into your existing workflow or build an entire operation around ReTraxxPro. It's your business... it's your decision.


ReTraxxPro was designed on the premise that acquiring multiple high-quality properties at good prices requires a more aggressive approach than simply waiting for the phone to ring or see what shows up on MLS.

"I have utilized ReTraxxPro software for many years. Having worked with many different real estate software applications, this is the best and most comprehensive platform available. ReTraxxPro enables me to integrate a pro-active approach to locating and purchasing properties that are not available in the market. I cannot possibly say how invaluable this platform is to me. Thank you ReTraxxPro for changing the face of Real Estate investing."
Lowry Griffin
Pondok Investments
Memphis, TN

Simple, Powerful, and Versatile


ReTraxxPro is simple enough that you can plug in entry-level personnel on Day 1 and generate property leads. Any desktop, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection can run ReTraxxPro and the ReTraxx Mobile App will run on any iPhone or Android device.


ReTraxxPro can search through hundreds of thousands of records, instantly returning results specific to your search criteria. We even provide you with a Mobile App so anyone with a smart phone can enter leads from the field and you are instantly notified of the new lead.


You are unique in your business approach... shouldn't your software adapt to how you want to use it? ReTraxxPro is flexible so it works the way you work. Search for distressed property, by square footage, bedrooms, baths, zoning... the list goes on and on. ReTraxxPro can even help you search visually on a map by showing distressed indicators, assessments, and comparable sales for every property in your market!

Karen Tyler
Virginia Land Agency
Virginia Beach, VA
"This system makes it so easy to find the right properties. I can sift through hundreds of properties to find the best deals. No matter what I'm looking for, it's only a few clicks away. There is nothing else like ReTraxxPro."

You Need ReTraxxPro Now!

Beat the Competition

ReTraxxPro is the system you've been waiting for. Every day you delay is costing you money in missed opportunities. Get the best deals first. Get ReTraxxPro today!

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ReTraxxPro provides Strategic Partners with local property information and distressed data.

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